Design & strategy

Life-changing ministry on TWO levels

Facing Forever is designed to work simultaneously
in two strategic directions:

Help your small group discover how understanding eternity will create a more confident, productive life today.

1 Growth

Facing Forever empowers Christians to embrace a more confident, active faith.

As group members develop a better understanding of their extraordinary eternal inheritance, they will come to understand how their incredible future can be reflected in daily life.

2 Evangelism

Facing Forever serves as a powerful outreach and evangelism tool, challenging nonbelievers to address the question “What will happen to me when I die?” Clearly communicate the gospel within your church, in neighborhood outreach groups and other venues throughout your community.

Read our special report “Lost In Church” (PDF, 72KB) describing in-church evangelism opportunities.

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Luis Palau
“I heartily recommend this video series as a valuable evangelistic resource for churches.”
Luis Palau
Luis Palau Evangelistic Association